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Grand National Sweepstake Kit

Grand National Sweepstake Kit
  1. Download and print sweepstake kit
  2. Cut out horses and offer to participants
  3. Give prizes to owners of top 4 horses

What better way to enjoy the 2025 Grand National than to run your very own Grand National Sweepstakes in your office for your colleagues, or down your local pub for all your mates.

The most popular sweepstake kits are usually the ones that UK newspapers offer their readers, with our go to kit being the downloadable kit that the Liverpool Echo offers for free.

Just be aware that the line up can change in the days leading up to the the start of the race, so it may mean that one or two horses listed on the Liverpool Echo's sweepstake kit won’t run.

Downloading The Sweepstake Kit

The sweepstake kit is usually ready a couple of days before the day of the race. Click here to download the Sweepstake Kit or tap the green 'DOWNLOAD' button above.

The Grand National Sweepstake Kit comes as a PDF document as it's the most widely used file format on the planet, and has been since the invention of portable documents.

To view the Sweepstake Kit you'll probably need Adobe Reader. Most computers already have this software installed but in case yours doesn't, it can be download for free.

Simply visit Adobe's Website for instructions on how to install it on your device.

Running Your Grand National Sweepstakes

Once you've downloaded the sweepstake kit, simply print it out, cut out the horses names and then sell them to your work colleagues or the regulars in the pub. Detailed instructions:

  • Print out the 2025 Grand National Sweepstake Kit, cut out the individual horses names, fold them in half and then put them into a hat or an envelope.
  • Charge participants as much as you like per entry. With a maximum of 40 runners one suggestion would be to charge £2 per horse which will make a total prize fund of £80.
  • Get participants to draw a horses name from the hat. Just make sure you write down who drew which horse as it saves arguments after the Grand National has been won.
  • Make sure you sell all of the horses - don't forget people can have two or three horses.
  • Keep the horses that have been drawn secret until all the horses have been sold. This reduces the risk of not being able to sell the duds that are usually left at the end!
  • After the Grand National is over you're free to split the winnings how you wish. If you've charged £2 per entry as mentioned above, the £80 prize fund can be split as follows:

    1st placed horse wins £40
    2nd placed horse wins £20
    3rd placed horse wins £14
    4th placed horse wins £6

And that's really all there is to running your a sweepstakes for Grand National 2025. Download it today for free, and get everyone you know involved in the race that stops a nation!