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Different Grand National Bets

Grand National ante post bets are quite popular as it is all about placing your Grand National bet well in advance of the Grand National day in the hope that the odds that you get a couple of months prior to the race will be much better that on the day.

All the bookmakers offer this type of Grand National bet and it is very popular amongst punters as you will generally get the best value but there is the possible downside in that your selection may not turn up on the day through say injury and in this case you will lose your money.

Like all horse race betting you are always taking the gamble to get the best value and the Grand National ante post bets is possibly the best way of getting the best odds.

Grand National Win Bets

The Grand National bet that most people place is the Grand National win or single bet with UK bookmakers. Simply this bet is a straight win on the horse that you select. Therefore if your horse beats all the other runners in the race then you are holding the win ticket.

In order to select the Grand National winner you must either have to put in a lot of ground work to assess who you think will win the Aintree Grand National and take such things into account as the Grand National form, the age of the horse the weight the horse is carrying, the previous experience the horse has running over the course and the recent form of the horses trainer.

A Grand National win bet will return to you the odds of your selection multiplied by your stake.

Therefore if your selection wins at 20/1 and you have £100 on it then you will get back £2,000 plus your £100 stake back. Well we all wish we are so clever but if we do get the Grand National winner it will pay for your summer holidays or who knows a new car.

Grand National Eachway Bets

Grand National each way betting is the 2nd most popular Grand National bet at bookmakers.

As there are so many Grand National runners 40 in total the odds offered are very good and the chances of your selection winning are not that great, therefore a lot of people have an each way bet as this gives you the opportunity of winning should your horse come in the first four finishers.

Let's say you back a horse for £50 each way using free bets and the horses odds are 10/1.

If the horse win the Grand National you win £500 for your win bet plus your £50 stake back and 1/4 the of 10/1 which is the percentage used for the place part of the bet and so the returns of the place part of the bet is £125 plus your £50 stake back.

In this example should your horse not win but finish either 2nd, 3rd or 4th then you will get a return on the place side of the bet only that being £125 plus your £50 stake back and you lose your win part of the bet.

As you can see from the Grand National each way bet is that you make a profit if your horse does not win but finishes in the first four.

Grand National Place Bets

A Grand National place bet is not one that you would immediately consider or think of as it is not that often publicised but is beginning to gain in importance.

A Grand National place betting is selecting a horse to finish in the first 4. To work out the rough odds that you should be getting simply take the odds of the horse and divide by 4.

Therefore if are pick a horse that is say 20/1 then divide by 4 and this gives you odds of 5/1.

There is no win part to his bet. In the last few years a few bookmakers have offered this bet but you can definitely have this bet with Betfair, which is a betting exchange.

The advantage of having used a Betfair free bet is that you will generally get a return which is better than the bookmakers but you will be charged a commission of up to 5% on winnings.

Only the winner will pay the commission.

Grand National Winning Distance Bets

As the Grand National is such an unusual race and run over such a long distance the winning distance can sometime be very difficult to predict and as such the bookmakers sometimes offer up prices on the winning distance.

This type of Grand National bet is not for everyone but some of you out there may be interested in having a go a these speciality Grand National bets.

One of the best Grand National tips if you are considering this type of Grand National bet and that is you should consider the going on the day as if the going is heavy there is likely to be a large winning distance.

You can get all the very best Grand National free bets right here on this site, simple click through from any of the bookmakers links and this will take you straight through to that bookmakers website where you can open an account in minutes and place your Grand National bet.

Number of Grand National Finishers

Outside of trying to pick the winner of the Grand National another very interesting Grand National Bet is trying to come up with the number of Grand National finishers.

Everyone knows the four and a half miles and the 30 fences take their toll on the maximum field of 40 and every year almost half the field does not complete for one reason or another.

Should the ground be soft then you should consider the number of finishers in the region of 10- 14, should the conditions be heavy then look at 7-11.

On good ground there will usually be 18-22 finishers. As you can see the conditions on the day will determine how many will finish the course as it makes sense that the bigger the slog around the course this will impact the number of finishers.

Of course you do get an event such as in 1967 when nearly all the runners fell or where brought down at the 23rd fence except for Foinavon the 100/1 shot who managed to scramble over the fence and go on to win the race the Aintree executive named the fence in honour of the horse.

Match Bets on the Grand National

As the Grand National is probably one of the biggest betting days of the year the UK bookmakers are very keen to provide as many betting markets on this great race as possible in order to give everyone having a Grand National bet the opportunity to get involved in some way.

A number of the bookmakers will do what is called Grand National match bet betting. Quite simply this is backing one horse to beat some other horse.

The horses that are put up by the bookmakers for these markets are ones that are fairly close together in the betting as they are regarded as around an even money bet.

The horse that finishes ahead of the other or who get further in the race wins the bet. Make sure to check out all the Grand National Free bet offers which are all available through this site.

Grand National Starting Price Betting

Grand National starting price betting is simply a Grand National bet that you have with UK bookmakers and you do not take the price prior to the race but the price that the horse returns at on the off of the Grand National called the starting price (SP).

Bookmakers provides you the choice when you are placing your Grand National bet whether you take the latest Grand National odds on offer at the time or the starting price.

With this choice if you decide to go for the SP you are taking a view that the price will go out on the day of the race and not contract further.

Sometimes you get it right and sometime you get it wrong but it is only a value choice and to some extent you would always like to see your horse price shorten as this always adds to your confidence that he will run well.

Grand National Irish Winner Betting

The Irish entries have a great record in the Aintree Grand National and target this race to bring the National spoils back to the Emerald Isle and you can get odds for backing Irish winner.

They usually have over a half dozen runners with a chance in the race and as such the bookmakers usually make up a price about the Irish winning the Grand National odds.

There is any number of Irish trainers to look out for and we would suggest that if you fancy any of the Irish runners then this Grand National bet is something to consider and search out.

And don't forget, as well as taking advantage of all the Grand National free bets that the bookmakers offer new customers, why not add a bit more excitement to the Grand National by running a Grand National Sweepstake at your place of work or down your local pub.